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Tips for taking advantage of business travel

We all know how important business travel is to starting up and growing a business. Until it’s all clear. However, we all know people who are on a business trip all the time, and we’re not sure if they’re making the most of their time.

Many times, we don’t get to see the priorities that this type of travel entails, so the best thing is to follow a series of guidelines that allow us to get the best performance, either in trips abroad or to other cities in Spain.

In this sense, before we begin, it should be noted that there is an excess of travel, as is the case with meetings. If done correctly, it is not necessary to travel to see a customer every few minutes.

Basic tips for a business trip

Now, let’s look at some basic tips that can help us get the most out of business travel.

Travel control and profitability

We know that business travel will help you attract or retain new customers. The question is, are they always profitable or not? Before you embark on a new journey, you’ll have to do some math.

Let’s imagine that we have a customer who provides us with a good part of our annual turnover. However, in numbers, we see that we have an obligation to visit him many times a year and that the total amount of the trip does not come to cover the net benefit of what he brings us. There you will have to take into account other variables such as the potential you have as a client to see if the formula you are following is the right one.

Just as you must study each individual case, you must do a global analysis of the state of the accounts. This is much easier for companies that have many years of life since you can obtain historical data of great interest, with a reliable balance of income and expenses, and thus make better decisions.

Designing a roadmap

Now that we are clear about what is profitable and what is not, we need to design a roadmap for our trips.

To do this, the first outline the objectives you have in mind and focus on the most important points: events, formal and informal meetings, etc. Plan all this ahead, evaluating who you plan to visit and what topics you are going to talk about. Based on this, we will be able to know the real expectations of our trip and what we hope to achieve from it.

The more prepared you look, the more likely it is to be a success. To make the most of your time, try to link each of the visits by geographical proximity.

Planning and adequacy of expenditure

Just as we must plan our visits to be as productive as possible, we must plan our trip and thus pay less. Thus, if we have already arranged a visit well in advance, we can advance the payment of tickets at a lower price, for example.

The choice of a hotel or other accommodation can also be cheaper if you book with more time, and you can choose different types of accommodation depending on the number of people who have to make the trip. Any detail that is studied may involve a minor expense, take it into account!

Enjoy, it’s also a fun trip!

Many times we forget, but going to a place you don’t know just to work is a real shame. Just as for better performance at work, it’s better to know when to rest, you’re more likely to perform better on a few days of business travel if you find different times to keep your brain from “collapsing.

In this sense, tourism is the best weapon you have at your disposal, as you can be distracted while you are doing important work for your business. So if you’re visiting a new site, keep an eye on everything you can visit or would like to do at that destination. Not only will you enjoy it more, you will surely work better.



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