Hiking has become a trend. But why? The hustle and bustle of everyday life arouses in us the desire to take a break, to feel more connected to nature and to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Hiking meets these requirements and is an optimal and varied programme of activities. It strengthens the immune system, regulates metabolism, reduces stress and strengthens performance. We’ll tell you why, because a hiking holiday is the perfect break from everyday life!

Active and fit through beautiful mountain landscapes

Hiking is considered a kind of gentle training and a source of physical and mental health. This simple sport of nature has it all. Millions and millions of people who regularly and increasingly do this activity cannot be mistaken.

Because an intense enjoyment of nature, such as that offered by hiking, is unlikely to be experienced in our motorized and digital world. Recovery with such a long-term effect is difficult to achieve with other leisure activities, which contributes not least to the hiking boom. Regular movement, which automatically produces a healthy sense of fatigue and a good physical sensation, is also perceived as something extremely pleasant.

It is precisely this movement that is something that we are increasingly rarely practicing in our everyday lives. Whether alone or with friends, walking as a leisure activity is an integral part of the hiking holiday trend and, incidentally, creates a whole new sense of community.

Wellness and hiking – the perfect combination

Hotels specializing in wellness, health and hiking have gradually adapted to the needs of hikers and tourism related to this activity and are located in the best hiking areas full of well-developed nature trails, marked and suitable for every type of walker.

The Mittelgebirge mountains are among the most popular among hikers. Here, fresh air, dense forests, varied landscapes, lush meadows and breathtaking views enchant every hiker. In the forest of Teutoburg, for example, excursions can be optimally combined with a health and wellness holiday, also thanks to the special combinations of guided hiking tours in the spa resorts.

Germany in particular, and Bavaria in particular, is one of the most popular hiking areas, as evidenced by the extensive network of hiking, theme and high quality trails in the Franconian forest. Bad Tölz offers a light start to an excursion.

Here you can also receive a “biomonitor” to evaluate among the 30 healthy climate trails and choose those best suited to your level of training. Those who prefer the stimulating climate of the Baltic Sea for health reasons will find fascinating hiking trails and excellent health offers in the coastal area around Warnsdorf.

You can go hiking wherever you are!

Almost half of the walkers also regularly go abroad, as in the South Tyrolean alpine area, hiking with their own trekking shoes and also taking advantage of the local wellness offers.

Also popular are the Pre-Alps in Hungary, where it’s not too hot in summer and there are shady areas almost everywhere. Slovenia is a pearl among the hiking regions. This small, lush country offers a wide variety of trails between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea, with 10,000 kilometres of trails. In addition, the many modern baths and thermal springs allow you to take a break from everyday life.

A real tip for health-conscious hikers is certainly the Bulgarian mountain range of Pirin, where you can make your way through idyllic mountain villages, jagged rocks and centuries-old trees, and where mental ruminations are finally calming down and you can leave the rhythms of everyday life behind at any time. Because it is really possible to start hiking at any time of the year.

Whether on snowshoes, skiing in the snowy winter landscape of the Alpine regions or on the Atlantic island of Madeira, where the pleasant climate and the constant floral universe invite walkers to hike in nature throughout the year.

Hiking holidays: a reason to go shopping?

Technical, trekking and outdoor clothing has never been so popular… although not everyone who wears it is really active in nature. The hiking clothing looks really simply sporty and the cuts and colors are in line with current fashion.

The functional windproof and breathable fabrics are lightweight and allow considerable possibilities for variety of applications in leisure time. Although hiking is an active sport that does not require a wide variety of equipment, technical shoes, hiking sticks, backpacks and other accessories are becoming increasingly functional and fashionable.

This aspect makes sport in nature more and more attractive for those who love to move and for those who are particularly attentive to health. After all, for many people, solid equipment is a fundamental requisite for perceiving good sensations while practising their favourite sport and for discovering the best side of the leisure activities that are best suited to them.

The paradise of ecologists!

Walking does not only do something good for yourself, but also for the environment. Nature will thank you if you do it without the help of other means of transport and on your feet. At best, you’ll travel through places where there’s never any traffic! Without being exposed to exhaust fumes and radiation you can enjoy nature with its fresh air in the best possible way!

What makes hiking so healthy?

Hiking is a sport that combines physical activity and pleasure in the best possible way. The trend towards outdoor exercise is still current and about a quarter of the Swiss population is hiking.
Walking, walking at a regular pace, walking – what is hiking really all about?

Sports physicians often define hiking on the basis of minimum speed. Leisure researchers, on the other hand, talk about long-distance walks over long distances. Others, on the other hand, define hiking on the basis of equipment or route planning. No matter what definition you use, one thing is clear: hiking is healthy.

Escaping from everyday life

Look at the horizon with your eyes, breathe in the fresh air and let yourself be warmed up by the warmth of the sun. This is good for you: it has been scientifically proven that observing beautiful landscapes lowers your heart rate and blood pressure, and helps you to relax. Many people go to nature to enjoy it calmly. Often an excursion is also an escape to freedom, away from traffic, from isolated urban oppression or even from an oppressive working environment.

Ideal sport for health

Hiking is also following the trend today, according to which sporting activity is increasingly linked to health rather than to the competitive aspect. Indeed, hiking is an ideal sport for health. It represents a light burden for the body, the effort is concentrated in the middle part of the body, the muscles are strengthened by movement and the metabolism is activated.